Getting Started


I want you to find the perfect VA for you.

I want to find clients who are perfect for me.

Because I want the best for both of us, my interviewing process might seem a little…long. Trust me when I tell you that it’s worth every minute of your time up front to avoid the drama and hassle that results from a hasty decision. You’ll look back on this process, whether we decide to work together or not, and be grateful that we took the time to get to know each other before making a decision. Working with a VA is a long-term relationship, and the rewards of choosing wisely (and the pain of choosing poorly) will multiply as time goes on.

If, at any point during this process, I realize that we’re not a perfect fit, I’ll let you know. Maybe you want a VA with skills that I don’t have. Maybe you need someone who’s available when I’m not. Maybe you’re a cat person and I like dogs. Whatever the reason, I’ll let you know promptly and graciously, and I encourage you to do the same. I can refer you to another great VA, if I know someone who might be a good match, or I can give you some resources that will help you find another VA on your own.

Getting to Know You

Before we talk about anything business-related, we’ll schedule a 15-minute call to talk about everything BUT business. The purpose of this call is to get a general sense of who the other person is, and to see if we’re a good fit in terms of values and personality. I’ll follow up after the call with an email that explains what happens next and gives you some questions to think about before our next call.

Initial Business Discussion

During this 60-minute conversation, we’ll talk about the work each of us does, how we do it, and what we’re looking to gain from this relationship. The purpose of this call is to find out how each of us does business and to get an idea of how we can help each other reach our business goals. After the call, I’ll follow up with an email that gives you some additional questions to ponder until we talk again.

Deeper Business Discussion

We’ll use this 60 – 90 minute call to discuss some of the more in-depth and difficult aspects of working together, such as how we view leadership and control within the relationship, and whether there are any differences in culture, values, or goals that would make working together difficult.

After the series of calls, we should both know whether we want to work together. If we do, we’ll celebrate the beginning of a great relationship! If not, we’ll still celebrate, because we’ll both know a little bit more (or maybe a lot more) about what we want and where we’re going.

My goal during this process isn’t just to get another client; it’s to help you think about and clarify your needs, so that you can find the perfect VA and take your business to a level you’ve been afraid to even dream about.

Ready to get started?

Great! Give me a call (toll-free) at 866-925-7990, email me at allison (at) allisonschoonover (dot) com, or fill out the contact form below.